VPC Survival Guide: Second Edition Edit

The following section is featured on the site The VPC SURVIVAL GUIDE by Mystic_of_Neptune/ ice_demon222

Hello and welcome to my VPC survival guide. This guide was designed to help you learn how to survive in the VPC. You may ask 'What is the VPC?' That question will also be answered. The rules are simple and the tips helpful. If you have any questions that need to be answered feel free to neomail me as ice_demon222. I'm here to help you and keep you from looking like a complete n00b in the VPC. Feel free to browse the rest of my site after your enlightening experience. Now let’s get started....

Terms to Know: Edit

VPC--- Virtupets Chat--- Sloth and neopian space chat. This place started out as a hidden board and served as a warbase for Sloth plots.

Anti--- Someone who is against Sloth (anti-sloth)

Pro--- Sloth's minions, supporters and allies (pro-sloth)

Antimiral--- militant neutrals; people who hate both the faeries and sloth.

Neutral--- someone who can't decide whose side to be on.

Spam--- Anything from off topic posts, chain letters, and gibberish.

Chain letters--- Anything that says 'copy and paste for NP or rare items.

Reg--- Someone who is always on the Virtupets chat board or someone who is always on the VPC chat board that it becomes predictable.

Title--- What others want to be called and what they call you. (Found in the neohtml)

n00b--- Someone who is really immature and lacking intelligence in general. They beg, whine, and scam to get what they want. Don't confuse this with 'newbie'. To know more about the concept of n00bs visit this person's webbie

Newbie--- New person to the VPC or to Neopets in general (more than likely this is you)

Vet--- Someone who has been on the VPC since it was a hidden chat. (Veteran)

1337--- The language of computer people. This is used sometimes.

Do's and Don'ts: Edit

Don't post spam or chain letters

---Not only does it annoy people, you can also get your account frozen.

Follow all Neopets chat rules

--- If you don't you will more than likely be frozen.

Don't talk like you run the place

--- you'll wind up in the battle dome or as a complete outcast.

Be nice to people

--- you'll wind up in the battle dome and be hated if you don't.

No Whining

--- this is n00bish

No Begging

--- also n00bish

Be yourself

--- find your style by using fonts or lack of fonts.

Trust no one fully, but make friends Hypocrites are not tolerated

Helpful Tips: Don't copy other people's original boards or catch phrases

--- another way to wind up in the battle dome as well as unpopular.

It's best to chose sides until after you know more about each side. Until then stay neutral. That's what I did. It took me a couple of weeks with me online every day.

If you want to be accepted get a reputation for hanging around regs. I made friends with one of the regs my second day in the VPC. It gave me a chance to get to know more of the regs he was chatting with.

Call the regs by their titles or names they want you to call them. The titles can often be found above a person's message either in the font of a superscript or centered above their message as part of their message. Eventually you will learn everyone’s names and usernames as they will learn yours.

Keep in mind this place was born of war. I sometimes forget this myself.

Last but not least you must make a good decision on a guild. After gaining a reputation anyone would be happy to have you in their guild once you choose sides. If you're pro then don't try to join an anti guild. Or you could join a guild that is not either.

Board names to look for: Loki Clock Plushie Corp Slothybucks (LCPC S/ LCPC Slothybucks- Coffee shop/ bar-type place. The one establishment on Earth with a sign on the door that says, "Do not expose building to open flames." The LCPC S menu and item descriptions can be found on Rayshau the Flotsam's petpage ( There are many more and there are more created every week.

People To Look For: The people of the VPC are usually helpful. They do request, some demand, a certain level of respect. They have worked hard to reach their goals just as you must, so please do not just randomly bug these people. If I hear that someone who read this has been begging for items then I will personally maul you. Jinu Piney Zora Azzy Trauwyn Reno Layne Lil Yoshi- Willing to help you settle into the VPC. Catfish Ultima Feather Timmy Amber Gwen Meow Alli Rush Boomkat Raven Satsuki Curly Valentina Cate Lin Angel Wolffie Meffy Princess Linelda Ashy Loki- Owner of LCPC S. Nafees Egon Nujbar- Supporter of the darkest faerie. Charm- perhaps the kindest person on the VPC. Luke Enzeru- Me! Yes, I did put myself on here. My name means Angel if anyone wanted to know. The full name, Enzeru Tomoshibi, translates from Japanese to Angel of Light. Sorry if I forgot anyone, this is still undergoing the testing process.

Note About Guilds: Edit

Always be nice and active. It will take you very far in a guild. Always know what a guild is about before applying for council. It is also good form to post a brief introduction before just jumping head first into a guild. I have my own guild on my ice_demon222 neo account for newbies, nerds, and misfits. If you decide to be on the VPC then that would be a good starting place. (I always enjoy having VPCers in high ranking in my guilds)

Brief History of the VPC: Edit

The VPC started out as being a hidden board. There were few problems that were not related to Dr. Sloth. When the board went public, new people began to flood into the VPC. With people come problems. There were people who wanted to run the board like a kingdom. Others wanted respect. So this started the lord and lady title craze. There was a time when the board was on topic for the most part. No one fought over spam and off topicness. When the people began to post off topic this brought out the worst in some of the VPCers. They saw the VPC as a home of sorts and wanted to keep it as it was before. There was an argument over whether or not off topic posts were spam. It was later revealed by the Neopets team (TNT) that it was not spam but a whole separate issue. This brought about a little more peace. There were groups that arose out of this, such as the juggs, which thrived in this conflict. There were boards that wanted to war with the VPC. Such as the Hannah plot board and the Evil Monster Sightings board (EMS). These always died out eventually. It was usually the n00bs from both boards starting problems for a thrill. Sometimes even the regs and nonn00bs got bored or irked and joined in. After all, a board born in war thrives in war. Now we are living in wait for a Sloth plot or perhaps something else to spice things up. There is not much going on in the VPC lately. To be continued…

This concludes our guide. Remember to ask me if you have any questions. If any regs read this and have anything to add let me know. Thanks to everyone who helped me bring this into action.

~*Enzeru*~ by Mystic_of_Neptune