Founded prior to the RoDS plot that would later come 2008, the Resq Rangers HQ was formed during a time when the Anti-Minion rivalry was feverish. There were also a large portion of minions active on the VPC, and one guild in particular the Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia (CSN) would come into conflict with the Resq Rangers. The conflict between both would decide both their fates in the days to come.

Name The Armed Anti-Sloth Union/ Resq Rangers HQ
Founded 7th August 2007 
Founder Magnafire19 (Magna)
  • Magnafire19 (2007-2008) 
  • Goodship (2008-2011) 
  • Flamechampion (2011-2012) 
  • Jeran (2012-Present) 
Allegiance Anti-Sloth

In the Beginning Edit

The guild was founded by Magnafire19 on 7th August 2007, and the name was inspired by someone who he met on the VPC board after creating his first thread - 'There's awful lot of evil around here'. The inspiration for the name Resq Rangers came from _Phear_35's signature. Magnafire would later request her to join the guild, and she along with Sorakey who would join soon after would make up the main command structure in the early days of it's birth.

The War with the CSN Edit

The war would begin in June, and end December 7th 2007. At the time the conflict was centered in the VPC, with both sides taking shots at each other. As with most conflicts to follow, the Resq Rangers would settle differences in a manner that would not always involve the Battledome. During the war Evilgeneralgrevious and his second xx_court_dancer_xx would approach Magnafire, and try and get him to surrender, but the Magnan did not back down. At one point he did battle the General in the Battledome and won. During the war, Flamechampion93 joined the Resq Rangers, and would later play a pivotal role in the day to day activities of the guild.

Inevitably, the Neopian Fiery Guardians (NFG) would become aware of this conflict, and they made their presence felt inside the CSN, it's numbers dropped to 2 in a instant. This would give Resq Rangers time to build, and cement itself on the VPC. The CSN would rebuild and reach 18 members, however Dancer and the General would prove unable to completely revive it and as such upon quitting. The guild began to lose momentum.

It's also important to add this is the first conflict in which the Resq Rangers would come up against ededdandeddy123456.

Furthermore the security of the Resq Rangers was breached only once, and that was when Magnafire took a brief holiday. The guild was overrun with spies. Fortunately, Magnafire returned temporarily to kick out the spies and made the guild private.






More to added ...

The Heroic Delian Legion (HDL) Edit

The Heroic Delian Legion HDL
Founded Midway during the war with the CSN
Founder(s) Flamechampion93
Guilds Resq Rangers,

Anti-Sloth Academy,

The Rebellion of Neopia Strikes Back

The HDL was thought of by Flamechampion93 during the middle of the war with the CSN. At this time, the RESQ rangers were allies with the Anti sloth academy (Buffykid707) And the Rebellion of Neopia strikes back (No_more_sloth888) We decided to make a name for ourselves and the HDL soon became the obvious choice The Heroic Delian Legion was named after the Alliance of City-states in ancient Greece, headed by Athens to protect Greece from Persian invasion.

The Darkness Minions and The Liz Edit

In 2008, the Resq Rangers would end up in a war with a guild called the Liz. The Liz was aligned with Alz's guild at the time; The Darkness Minions. The Rebellion of Neopia Strikes back was the first to declare war, with the Resq Rangers following soon after. The significant part of this war was that Magnafire19 under disguise of Shadowlord had successfully infiltrated the Liz, and was on the Council. However, the day after he was put on the council, Liz deleted her guild.

This would be last time Liz would be heard on the VPC.

The United Sloth Loyalists Edit

The HQ nearly ended up in a war with the USL, who was already a powerful guild by this time, matched only by the Neopian Fiery Guardians. In comparision it the Resq Rangers only had 30 members, and the USL had over 100. War would however be averted, as Flame and Wiz would have several talks. This would lead to USLer Wiz joining the HQ.

The Great War Edit

Wiz's Mr_Boz account was frozen in February of 2008. But the stage had already been set for the rise of a new guild led by Alz. The Dark Corporation, thrived during this time, as on 29th January 2008, Dr Frank Sloth returned in the Return of Doctor SLoth Plot. During time activity on the VPC surged. DC would come to form an alliance with the Fight Club and former CSN allies the Empire of Eternal Darkness. Wiz would return with a new account and become the HDL's spy. He successfully infiltrated the Dark Corp, and to strengthen Alz's trust he would organize the United Minion Alliance. The war would be waged in the BD, VPC and through spies. The HDL gained a victory, and the Empire of Eternal Darkness would be the first to surrender.

However, Neofiretamer, a VPCer discovered Wiz was the spy, and after informing a high ranking remember would force Wiz exit prematurely, only doing damage to the layout. The Dark Corp would temporarily withdraw from the war. When the DC returned, the HQ could not maintain the war, as such they surrendered, as did the rest of the HDL.

In early spring, the HQ went about getting new members by making two new bases using side account's to run them, however, the plan did not work, the HQ's forces had spread to thin and the bases where almost lost, however due to inactiveness in the HQ itself, no one deleted them, and the bases became unused until a war later on.

The -SR- and the Singularites Edit

After the collapse of base 2 the HDL looked in terrible condition, the -SR-, HQ, and the Rebellion where its only members. At this time the -SR- was at war with a guild called the Singularites. Wiz, (The leader of the -SR-) requested the HQ's support in the war, however the HQ refused. Slowly the -SR- and Singularites died still at each others throats. Later, after the war was over, Magnafire discovered through neomail that the Singularites did in fact try to destroy the HQ.

The Beginning of the Armed Anti-Sloth Union Edit

After coming across a great deal of hate regarding the name of the guild. The name was changed to the Armed Anti-Sloth Union. This change would signal the end of the Heroic Delian Legion.

The Return of Caesar and the Commonwealth Edit

The Commonwealth and the AASU the engaged in a struggle, though not a complete war, the early period of this struggle, the "endless struggle" was shaped by a common rivalry between the CW and AASU. The AASU considered war. Meanwhile an AASUer Ed (Ededdandeddy123456) and a few other AASUers formed the Nation of the Heroic (NTH). Ed pledged that he would keep the NTH as a base for the AASU. However, Ed then turned the NTH from a AASU base to a CW colony. Ed explained that he had to in order to insure the survival of the NTH, the AASU now had less members, and at the time leader Magna was infuriated by this act of betrayal. Ed soon deleted the NTH and joined the CW. Wiz, who was believed at the time to be an AASU ally was given admin by Magna. Wiz wrecked the layout, took all members but Magna himself away, and renamed the guild. Ed, now with the CW, mentioned base one. Wootwootwooot (Ed's side) took it over, the AASU was witnessing the destruction of every thing it worked for. Magna, with help from the AASUers that remained revived the AASU which blasted back breaching the 20 members mark and then 30. But before the AASU could act, a new guild lead by "Nero" appeared, the AASU turned away from the CW to this new foe.

Caesar was originally around the VPC during 2005, in which he successfully sabotaged a guild led by Phantom.

Nero Edit

Nero (Imperator_caesar2) appeared first as a "Third force" In the endless struggle. However he was soon to fill the role of main enemy. His guild, the Neropian /corrupted/ empire came into conflict with the CW, at first the AASU looked too Nero as a potential ally in the endless struggle, however, Flame and a CW council member had became good friends, and instinctively they formed against Nero, who came up with a new guild known as Nero's empire. As it proved, the guild called Neropian /corrupted/ empire was a trap guild, all AASU and CW spies had came into the guild. When it was abandoned, Nero changed it's name to the Foes. And as such eliminated the AASU and CW's spy networks. After this Nero told the AASU, CW and a new guild, the NND, that the war date would be August 8th 2008, the day after the AASU's first birthday. When the day approached however, Nero clamed he had killed himself by gasoline.

The Ministry of Evil and the NND Edit

The Ministry of Evil formed by ash and Ed after the fall of the Commonwealth, they started off small but soon after the "Death" of Nero grew rapidly, reaching 30 members and establishing three colonies and a alliance with the AASU and NND. The NND was formed by Joey0baby and was a guild that soon found itself caught in the Nero crisis. The AASU and MoE both befriended the guild, and together they would be known as the Alliance.

Nero's Return and Downfall Edit

Nero was back and formed the Foes. The Foes and the AASU went to war and the AASU with help of MoE defeated the Foes whose only current battledomer was non other than former AASUer Soccerguy who had originally been recruited by Magnafire. Eventually Nero left the Foes and Blackice became new leader, but things went from bad too worse for the Foes when Ice left the guild in charge of a spy who handed the guild over to the AASU. The Foes Revolution consisted of former members from the foes (now in control of the AASU), Ice asked the AASU to hand over the Foes but it never happened. Nero would return again and created the Foes III. It is unknown how many members it got as it soon disappeared.

When Ice temporarily became inactive, her guild began to die. With Ice gone Flame and Magnafire's side accounts entered the Revolution and offered assistance to a guild on the verge of death. But Ice returned and made new plans which included the Ministry of Evil.

The UNION Edit

The VPC has had its fair share of Kings and Queens, but it has never truly been united under one banner. Until in the latter half of 2008, the Virtupets Union headed by King Alz and Queen Crystal would turn a warring VPC into a Kingdom.

Queen Crystal was at the time the most powerful person on the VPC, she was leader of both the DC and USL, and held high position in the NFG. However, VPC guilds outside of the Union (most notably the Foes, forbidden council, and Neopian Grand Village) hated the idea of having a "Queen of the VPC" and demanded she step down, when the Queen refused, the lower VPC guilds joined together in the "Confederacy". The Con then launched into a series of guerrilla propaganda like warfare, employing hit and run tactics, which King Alz (Appointed by the Queen Crystal) exposed. Despite this the "Lower force", the AASU and MoE were the only ones really fighting them. In the confusion, a mysterious person, the Shadow King, hacked the AASU and nearly destroyed it. Later, the AASU and MoE separated and Became the VA (Virtupets Alliance) and such as it always had been, the VPC was now divided into three factions. The MoE eventually took don the Foes (Then called the Confederacy) and with this, the Con disbanded. Afterwards, the VU and VA normalized relations, however, it never formally rejoined the VU.

The AASU's New Leader Edit

Following all that had happened, Magnafire19 decided to step down as leader of the Armed Anti-Sloth Union, following elections, Goodship would become the new leader, and the very policies of the AASU would shift. Under Goodship, the guild would seek peace.

The Dark Ages Edit

The Dark Age was caused by many things, the deletion of the AC board, and the self-destruction of the Virtupet Union meant the power VPCers once had on their board would almost be completely lost. Further, the near desolation of the VPC guilds would serve as a mere prelude to the VPCs descending silence.

Dark Age: Early Edit

After several months of peace in the VPC, the ACers invaded. Crystal, queen of the VU and lolli, her trusted companion, announced they would be leaving Neopets. And on the 17th January 2009 they quit. But not before sabotaging the guilds of the VPC. Crystal deleted the USL, and took many members out of the DC and NFG. The AASU lost all members but Goodship herself. Goodship invited all of the AASUers back. However, the guilds of the VPC had lost all contact with one another, and a power vacuum came where the USL collapsed. This led to Ash (Ash33713) declaring himself new leader of the VPC, the AASU backed the new VPC leader. Even so the AASU was too weak to fight as if opposition where to rise, the AASU would be powerless to stop them. As such when the AASU was informed of a VPCer Alastor forming a new guild, a vast recruitment campaign began. However a war never happened, and as the dark age continued, we regained contact with the DC and NFG. Eventually a new meeting was scheduled. During the meeting, the ETE (Empire of True Evil) and the DC both resisted the thought of having a new king. While the MoE and AASU supported the Union, eventually, the meeting came to an end, the Union was dispatched, and now the VPC faced an uncertain future.

Dark Age: Middle Edit

As the Dark Age dragged the Commonwealth returned under new leadership. The CW Came back in force and began a vast recruitment campaign. Eventually the CW became the equal of the AASU. Sensing a potential threat the AASU went private. Thoughts of war with the CW Peaked twice, and threatened to undo a peace kept since the VU formed. Then, the Singularities returned. For a while no one was harmed then the leader of the ETE was frozen, the CW claimed on a board in the Guilds Boards that it "Might be the AASU". As tensions began to rise the AASU demanded the CW's apologize. However, the CW denied all accusations and demanded the AASU apologize to them, then, out of the blue, the Sings took over the ETE and deleted it. Surprised by this turn of events, the AASU turned away from the CW, as its power declined.

Dark Age: End Edit

The VPC began to recover from the dark age (Partly because some of the ACers had went to the new PC board) The AASU once again began to post boards along with the DC, NFG, and CW. But after a while, the PC board was deleted, thus a fresh new wave of ACers returned. The VPC guild boards didn't last long. Eventually only the AASU stood up to the AC invasion. For a long while, the AASU was the only VPC guild on the VPC. Then in late May, the AC opened, the ACers migrated back to the AC. The VPC dark age, ended.

The Dark Empire Edit

Following the Dark Age, the DE (Dark Empire) was formed by Grey_and_silver who posted a board stating that the DE had now "Taken over the VPC" This met with a backlash from the VPCers, tensions between the DE and AASU rose, however, after a while, nothing happened, The AASU shortly afterwards became the DE's ally and the threat passed.

The Downfall of the VPC Edit

This section is named as such as it details the darkest part of the AASU's history, it would see Ash betray the guild and the latter conflict with Wiz and the ORDER would leave the AASU the only soul survivor on the VPC until around 2013/4 when activity on the VPC would return.

A new guild lead by Wiz, known as The.Order rose. Conflicts between AASUers and members of The.Order became commonplace. The AASU then discovered that The.Order had a few spy accounts in the AASU, following talks with Wiz, war would end up being declared. Goodship however wanted peace, eventually, Wiz revoked his Decleration of War. The AASU accepted and the tensions fell.

After the threat of the Order had past, the VPC, and the AASU itself, became a haven of new prosperity. The AASU expanded, creating new alliances and fatting the treasury. The AASU acquired a new custom layout. And soon after, members of both the Order and the AASU joined the new chat group SUZZ. This eased tensions even futher. With this a VPCer named Ash created the ~VPC Cafe~ soon after its debute the AASU acquired it and made it the ~AASU Cafe~. Membership rose to unseen levels. However it was not to last, by late July, problems began to emerge. Ash resurrected the SE (Sloths Empire) and combined it and the DE to make the Villans Empire. The VE soon made it clear the AASU was not there friend, causing Goodship to ban Ash. Ash was infuriated by this. Later, most of the KTS council members where frozen. KTS was an ally of the AASU, unsure who did it the AASU did not react, and due to increasing Anti-AASU feelings in the VPC, the AASU didn't speek of the incident. Then a Order member, Vulture, A huge Anti-AASUer made a board daring the AASU to fight. The AASU largely ignored him. Wiz returned and apologized on behalf of the Order to the AASU. The AASU accepted and did not hold the Order responsible for Vultures actions. However, increasing Anti-AASU feelings continued to cause problems for the AASU and Goodship.

After increased feelings of resentment towards the AASU, The.Order announced it's departure from the VPC, without The.Order driving conflict, the AASU went through a period of peace on the VPC. The AASU itself was the only active guild left on the VPC after The.Order migration. With little entertainment, the guild was hit hard by a plague of inactiveness. The AASU idled for months and several important members, such as Flame, Magna, and Goody left. After almost a year, however, Flame came back and focused on rebuilding the guild, after his first attempt failed, he left, leaving a user Jeran_4_4 in charge. Jeran, however, was not about to let the guild die.

Jeran set out to find members for the guild, both old and new, and soon reacquainted himself with Magna, Goody, Albinala, and Wiz, as well as new faces such as Zazu and Kushoro. At this point, Flame had returned, and the AASU was again active. Plans where made to extend beyond the VPC, to boards such as the Guilds, EMS, and OW. However, they were never executed. The AASU celebrated it's fifth birthday on August the 7th 2012, one of the few guilds to make it that long and remain active, going through four different leaders in the process. The AASU would stand alone, as the only active guild on the VPC.

Present Tines Edit

Despite it's irrepressible will to survive, like others before, the AASU died. Presently only Goodship and Magna are present active members, together they would form the Virtupets Legacy. A guild dedicated to remembering the past.

Trivia Edit

  • The AASU presently is several years old
  • The name Resq Rangers HQ was inspired by _Phear_35's signature
  • Magnafire19 was twelve when he formed the guild.
  • The AASU had four total leaders from 2007-2014.
   * Magnafire19: 2007 - Late 2008
   * Goodship: 2008 - 2011
   * Flamechampion: 2011 - 2012
   * Jeran: 2012 - 2014
  • Wiz has been one of the AASU's longest Allies/Adversaries. From his allegiance during the Great war, to later guilds such as the Order, Knights of the Valor, and The Commonwealth.