The Order/ Knights of the Valor was founded by Wiz, following the collapse of the Commonwealth. It's main function was neither Anti/Minion. It was more of a neutral guild in many ways. Following a conflict with the AASU. The Order would leave the VPC and join the Battledome community. Wiz would later return to the VPC. However, in leaving the board, it left the AASU, a single survivor. Which inevitably led to a decrease in activity in the AASU and on the VPC.

Name The Order/Knights of the Valor
Founder Wiz
  • Wiz
  • Gizmo
  • Dan
Allegiance Neutral

Fall of the Commonwealth Edit

With the demise of the Commonwealth, Wiz formed the Order. It consisted of Commonwealth members, and veteran vpcers. Notable council members were Diablo and Heather.

Conflict with the Armed Anti-Sloth Union Edit

Tension between the AASU (led by Goodship at the time) and Order rose out of accusations that the AASU had been harassing Order members on the VPC boards. There were claims of espionage, and both sides declared war. Goodship encouraged peace and tensions between both sides fell. A truce was made, but things would never be the same between the two guilds.

Aftermath and The Meridell All Knighters Edit

The Order found itself in a conflict with some ACers from the Meridell All Knighters and the Knights of Meridell immediately after conflict with the AASU. Harsh words were exchanged, and an alliance would later be formed with the Meridell All Knighters. They promised to supply troops to the Order if it decided to go to war, and in return the Order let one of their members in on the council. A war soon began with the Knights of Meridell. The Order only had a few battlers even with MAKs help, They had to look for other options. That's when Nyx joined the Order, he was strong BDer and well known VPCer. He lead Order troops bravely into battle, but the outcome was not in their favor. Eventually things between the two groups healed. Although it was a hard point in the Order's history, it eventually lead to the best. After all the threats of war, The Order decided to create its own army. Nyx and Gizmo helped to establish it, and recruited members and helped them train. At first it was just a branch of the guild, but started becoming something more. Interest increased as The Order recruited more members for the sole purpose of expanding the army. It wasn't the strongest bunch of BDers, but it was better than nothing. Nyx suggested the Knights of Valor as a name for army. Wiz agreed. Ranks were later established as it grew. With disagreements between the AASU rising once again. The Order chose to leave the VPC.

The Hunt for a home Edit

The first place the Order went too, was the EMS (Evil things and Monster Sightings), but following an attack by trolls, the Guild tried the Other Worlds board instead and was still not welcome. Gizmo then suggested to Wiz that the Order should become a battldoming guild. It was a risky move but it paid off. After a few weeks of recruiting, membership rose. The name would then later be changed to Knights of the Valor.

The Wars, and Rivalry with LoTA Edit

Wiz would become friends with the leader of LoTA, after meeting on a recruitment board. LoTA helped establish KoV (Knights of Valor) war rules and organize its members. An alliance formed between both guilds. Both guilds entered a friendly war, and it resulted with the KoV losing 123-23. During the phase after war, LoTA mocked and spread negative comments. The alliance was broken, and in its place stood an arch rival. In following wars, the KoV was more successful. Wiz later stepped down and Gizmo took the reigns. The guild won its first war and the KoV increased its reputation. Gizmo ended up becoming inactive, which meant Wiz retook the role of leader. The KoV was victorious a few more times until Wiz was frozen. Dan would later take charge.