Name The Neopian Fiery Guardians
Founded 2003 (or later)
Founder James/Jamesuk
  • James
Allegiance Anti-SLoth

The Founding of the Neopian Fiery Guardians Edit

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The Destruction of the Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia Edit

By 2007, the NFG were a major VPC superpower, only matched by the Minion Guild United Sloth Loyalists (USL). During The Resq Rangers/Armed Anti-Sloth Union and The Confederacy of the Separation from Neopia (CSN) conflict, the NFG stepped in and helped the Resq Rangers defeat the CSN, by infiltration. It removed most of the membership, and left the guild with only two members. The leader of the NFG, James, offered Magnafire and his guild the opportunity to join the NFG. However, Magnafire declined the offer. But a new alliance was formed, as the Resq Rangers allowed ambassadors from the NFG inside the guild.

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James is Frozen Edit

The NFG's power on the VPC was hit when James got frozen. It presence remained but I don't know if he was ever able to promote a new leader. The NFG, USL, AASU, and MoE would later unite to form the Virtupets Union. When the Union fell, Crystal following an announcement she was leaving left the NFG crippled. At the time she was a high ranking member.

The Decline in PowerEdit

The influx of the ACers, in the end resulted with the AASU being the only active guild on the VPC, as the NFG and other guilds became inactive.

Trivia Edit

  • The NFG is one of the oldest guilds ever to occupy the VPC
  • It had close ties with the USL, Crystal (being an example) occupied both, and many more were possibly the same.
  • Despite the AASU becoming a major Anti-Sloth power, it would never match the authority of the NFG.