The guild was founded in December 2008 by Jeran, Wizard, Tehesin, Xqua. But Xqua stole all the guild funds and Wizard left the guild. Jeran became the only active member, when others quit.

Alliances with the CW and AASU Edit

In February 2009 the DG made a comeback by getting a new 2nd in command (Rocky) the guild's membership number jumped to 10 and the guild signed alliances with the Commonwealth and Armed Anti Sloth Union. But tensions rose between those two guilds and the DG was almost pulled into a war twice. luckily no war never happened but soon Jeran got hacked along with Rocky. Ed had taken over the guild.

The End of DG Edit

When Jeran made a new account he tried to get the guild back from Ed, but failed. In the end he would end up making an new guild. Before eventually joining the AASU, and later becoming its leader.